Strategic Framework Planning Process Steps

We have an approach that is neither onerous or time-consuming. It is thoughtful and purposeful. There are three critical steps of Strategic Framework Planning Process.

Step 1 – Comprehensive Briefing

Our Strategic Framework facilitator will meet with the champion of your strategic planning process, to receive a comprehensive briefing about your organization’s current situation. This is a very important opportunity for the facilitator to begin developing a strategic understanding of your business and your needs.

The meeting will also ensure there is agreement about the next steps in the process.

Step 2 – Strategic Planning Session (2 days)

This session will bring your strategic planning team together for an off-site. Our facilitator will guide the team through a process which will result in the development of a draft strategic framework, including:

  • Vision Statement(A brief description of your organization of the future)
  • Pillars of Success(The foundation of your organization’s success)
  • Strategic Objectives(Measurable outcomes for each Pillar of Success)
  • Measures(Indicators of achievement- dashboard)
  • Key Initiatives (Projects or programs that will drive the achievement of the Strategic Objectives)

The process is supported with Participant Guides and PowerPoint presentations. We expect that you will engage in breakthrough business discussions.

After the strategic planning session, we will produce an Output Report.

Optional Step – Customer or Employee Surveys

If you do not have a recent customer or employee survey data, you may wish to undertake a survey, either before or after the first session. We can work with you to design and administer surveys.

Step 3 – Follow-up Session (1 day)

This will be organized around finalizing the Strategic Objectives, Measures and Key Initiatives. In addition, we will focus on rolling out the plan and communicating to employees.

We will complete the planning process with the production of a Strategic Framework Plan document.

Let’s discuss how Hewat Strategic Edge’s powerful planning process, with an investment of a few days can help you generate business results – the right results, for years to come.

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