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Achieve remarkable results by building your unique strategic framework, with experienced facilitators, using an internationally proven process.

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Paul Frederick Thomas Cook

“To get an organization truly aligned and focused on achieving results, Hewat Strategic Edge’s Framework is a powerful and proven process.”

Paul Frederick, Former EVP, Thomas Cook Financial Services (Global)

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Important elements of our Strategic Framework Process

Create Focus on right result

Establish focus on the right results

Road-map to sustained growth  & profitability

Build a road-map to sustained growth and profitability

Done in a few days and benefits last for years

Done in a few days with benefits lasting for years

Communicate strategic direction to executives and  employee

Mobilizing all employees to implement the vision

Hewat Strategic Edge’s Master Facilitators

Andrew Hewat

Andrew Hewat

About: Andrew is a business facilitator, consultant and speaker.

Experience: Since the mid 90’s Andrew has worked with hundreds of clients in Canada, the US and Europe. He has worked with businesses involved in banking, finance, pharmaceuticals, education, consulting, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and processing.

He has worked with global organizations and owner-led small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, he has been actively engaged in providing support to national trade and profession associations.

Skills: Andrew is a skilled strategic facilitator and has provided skills development in leadership, continuous improvement, team development, sales management, and innovation.


Cathy Jo Noble

About: Cathy Jo is a leading public affairs specialist and experienced association executive

Experience: Cathy Jo has held a series of positions with federal cabinet ministers, including as Chief of Staff. She has been Vice President with North America’s leading government relations firm.

In the past decade, Cathy Jo has become actively engaged in providing leadership as an association executive. She provides ongoing support to several national associations.

Skills: Cathy Jo has skills in provided advice on a range of policy issues, managing policy-related research and analysis, and leading regulatory reform advocacy initiatives. She also has ‘hands on’ leadership skills applicable to national associations.


Glen Hewat

About: Glen is seasoned manufacturing executive and consultant.

Experience: Glen transformed an autonomous business unit into a highly effective, vision-driven organization that financially outperformed “sister” plants, year-after-year and delivered a steady rate of return well above the industry norm.

He is a member of an Advisory Board for one of Canadas “ best-managed companies”. He has been providing interim CEO services in the US and Canada.

Skills: Glen has the skills to thrive in a fast-paced environment accustomed to single-sources of supply, zero inventory, JIT deliveries, annual cost downs and zero defects.

Glen has also demonstrated superior sales and sales management skills, through the achievement of multiple hundred million plus dollar projects.


  • Owners or senior executives responsible to drive the overall performance of medium sized businesses.
  • General Managers/Managing Directors responsible for a department or division of a larger company.
  • Leaders of professional and trade associations.
  • You may have issues including worrisome business results, uncertainty about the future, competitors outperforming, employees not on “one team”, and no in-house business planning expertise.
  • You need something simple but not simplistic, to drive results and get all employees on the same page, to deliver the required customer value.
  • It starts with a detailed briefing with the champion about the process and about the current business situation.
  • 2- day, facilitated, off-site session - to set the vision, areas of focus, corporate objectives, measures and key initiatives
  • Clients may choose to undertake a customer and/or employee survey in advance, or after the 1st session.
  • 1-day session to finalize the Strategic Framework and to consider its implementation.
  • Hewat Strategic Edge provides a final Strategic Plan, which can be used as a road map and communications tool.
  • We have developed a proven process; one that works every time. But:
  • We have two criteria to assess our worth. First, we expect that at the end of a facilitated process, you and your team will say that “this was one of our best business days”. Second, we expect to create a product that you are using a couple of years later to drive performance.
  • If we can meet these two criteria, we will be pleased to customize the process.

Get everyone focused on a road map to
sustained growth and profitability!

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