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Andrew Hewat

Andrew Hewat

Andrew found his calling when he discovered the power of facilitation to help clients achieve breakthrough thinking on the issues affecting the future of their organizations. He soon found out that he had a talent for it as well.

Since the mid 90’s Andrew has worked with hundreds of clients in Canada, the US and Europe. He has worked with businesses involved in banking, finance, pharmaceuticals, education, consulting, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and processing. He has worked with global organizations and owner-led small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, he has been actively engaged in providing support to national trade and professional associations.

His principle focus has been on understanding what drives success in organizations and applying this to his consulting practice.

Andrew has retired from active facilitation but is still excited about offering programs that enable leaders to succeed.

When not working; travel, futile golf lessons and family have filled out much of his personal landscape.