Why Create a Strategic Framework – What’s in it for you?

Creating a strategic Framework should be designed to alleviate business pains and help generate business gains.

When assessing your current situation, three variables of pain may tell the tale – related to your:

  • customers,
  • operational quality,
  • employees.


You may have customers keeping you up at night due to missing their deliverables Even worse, your competitors may be challenging your ability to retain them.

Finding new customers may even more daunting. On the other hand, you may be satisfied with the progress you have made but are looking to become 3rd in your market, or even better 2nd or 1st. Without a road map, uncertainty about how to get there can be a barrier to continued success.

Operational quality

Negative business results are one thing but operating without priorities to solve them is a slippery slope. A lack of priorities may result in a series of one-time symptom fixes, without getting to the root causes and finding breakthrough solutions.


Employees are an excellent barometer of business pain. Do you have a sense that people are overworked, frustrated and not really on the same page? If you could truly read their emotions, do you think they might be living with uncertainty about the future of the organization and their job within it?


Frankly, there is no simple panacea to the symptoms mentioned. But there are some things we can do. We can provide leadership to move away from chaos to purposeful actions. We can get people playing on the same team and systematically fix problems based on agreed priorities.

A strategic Framework should provide the road map to address each of these elements.

Strategic Framework Directions Vision Objectives
Strategic Framework

The Strategic framework helps everybody in the organization know and understand what to focus on, what success looks like, and how to measure progress.

In a couple of days, a leadership team can create their own roadmap to success.

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