Facilitated Planning Services for Businesses

Supporting the Leadership Team

Business leaders, faced with the realities of an increasingly competitive global marketplace, are constantly challenged to take decisive actions that will produce sustained and profitable customer value.

Hewat Strategic Edge offers specific facilitated programs that enable leaders to work with their team on the most critical questions facing the business. These include:

  • What should be the foundation of our organization’s success?
  • What should success look like several years from now?
  • Are we providing what customers want and are we capturing enough value from it?
  • How do we ensure we are focusing on the most critical aspects of the business?
  • How do we create a shared understanding and establish clarity about a way forward for the organization?

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Three Keys to Business success

Set the Strategic Direction that will lead to your success

Set the Strategic Direction that will lead to your success

Set the Strategic Direction that will lead to your success

Fix the processes that are vital to your success.

Set the Strategic Direction that will lead to your success

Align the skills, knowledge and commitment of your People to the Strategic Direction.

The work of most companies today is technically complex. Therefore, the last thing you need is additional complexity in the planning aspects of your business. What’s required are simple but powerful tools to enhance your drive for success, be it company wide, divisional or at the departmental level.

Hewat Strategic Edge’s facilitated resources and techniques will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your company’s drive for sustained and profitable customer value.

What exactly we offer to improve Business performance

It starts with a Strategic Framework which includes:

  • Vision Statement A brief description of your organization of the future
  • Pillars of Success The foundation of your organization’s success
  • Multi-year Objectives Targets for each Pillar of Success
  • Measures Indicators of achievement- dashboard
  • Key Initiatives Projects or programs that will drive the achievement of the Strategic Objectives

Set the strategic direction that will lead to your success. This is a critical first step, in your drive for success, which enables everybody in your organization to be “singing from the same song sheet” and gets people focused on results—the right results.

Our Strategic Framework combines the utility of a balanced scorecard approach, with the power of a vision as a touchstone for decision-making. It facilitates the articulation of outcomes and the identification of required improvements. In short, it demonstrates leadership.

Fix the processes that are vital to your success. It is absolutely essential to have all of your business processes aligned to the organization’s strategic direction in order to deliver sustained and profitable customer value. Not all processes however are created equally. Given that resources are always limited, the focus must be on those priority processes that will maximize the return by driving continuous improvement in critical areas such as increased revenue, cost reduction and higher quality levels. Selected facilitated services include: Hewat Strategic Edge provides assistance in readily identifying those priority processes.

We provide leadership to help Process Improvement teams ‘get up and running’ – expeditiously and in a results focused manner. Team members will be equipped with tools and a structured approach to complete a six step process improvement project. We provide ongoing support to the team in order to ensure success.

Hewat Strategic Edge leads a business solutions innovation process, to mitigate the potential damages arising from a crisis or capitalize on an opportunity. The process combines the rigor of sound business planning with the benefits of creative idea generation.

We facilitate a systematic sequence of actions which enables a team to:
Hewat Strategic Edge helps your leadership team enable their employees to understand their roles and responsibilities and to become better equipped to drive the successful implementation of strategies and plans. We are pleased to partner in the development of custom curricula to support clients undertaking major strategic change and need to help their employees to know, understand and believe in the required changes.


  • Owners or senior executives responsible to drive the overall performance of medium sized businesses.
  • General Managers/Managing Directors responsible for a department or division of a larger company.
  • You may have issues including worrisome business results, uncertainty about the future, competitors outperforming or employees not on “one team”.
  • You need something simple but not simplistic, to drive results and get all employees on the same page, to deliver the required customer value.
  • It starts with a detailed briefing from the champion of your process, about the current business situation.
  • 2- day, facilitated, off-site session - to set the vision, areas of focus, corporate objectives, measures and key initiatives
  • Clients may choose to undertake a customer and/or employee survey in advance, or after the 1st session.
  • 1-day session to finalize the Strategic Framework and to consider its implementation.
  • Hewat Strategic Edge provides a final Strategic Plan Document, which can be used as a road map and communications tool.

Important elements of our Strategic Framework Process

Create Focus on right result

Establish focus on the right results

Road-map to sustained growth  & profitability

Build a road-map to sustained growth and profitability

Done in a few days and benefits last for years

Done in a few days with benefits lasting for years

Communicate strategic direction to executives and  employee

Mobilizing all employees to implement the vision

Paul Frederick Thomas Cook

“We have worked with Hewat on numerous occasions and each time his experience and facilitation skills have allowed us to achieve our objectives, which have translated into improved business results.”

Jacques A. Seguin, President, The Garland Group

Get everyone focused on a road map to success

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