Guide to Build a Short-Term Plan for Business Survival

It is tailored to the business owner, as well as those with executive responsibility for a company, division or department. It is free to download.

To help leadership groups successfully navigate these unprecedented times, Hewat Strategic Edge has created a Guide entitled, “Build a Short-Term Plan for Business Survival”. It is a step-by-step process that arranges all your ideas in one place. It provides a set of critical questions for you to consider and leads to those actions you need to take urgently.

In this time of crisis, tactical measures directed at generating “cash” take precedence. We believe that a sequence of intensely focused Monthly Action Plans is required, to ensure timely implementation and immediate results.

The Guide will lead your team to build four products:

  • The Financial Gap
  • First-Month Action Plan
  • Five-Month Action List; and
  • A Six-Month Cost Reduction Forecast


Download the free Guide today. Bring your team together and create your own, self-facilitated, Short-Term Plan for Business Survival.