We are growing our team

Hewat Strategic Edge offers facilitated resources to support businesses in their drive for sustained and profitable customer value. Our Strategic Framework process creates a tremendously productive experience for our clients.

We are seeking two high-performance facilitators to partner with; one to deliver our resources in the GTA – Central Ontario and the other in Western Canada. This would be an opportunity to supplement your current consulting practice.

The ideal strategic partner is an independent consultant/facilitator with a business or allied education, significant experience in corporate environments; and proven expertise as a business facilitator.

We will provide train-the-facilitator, ongoing mentoring, administrative support and remuneration. We will implement digital marketing initiatives to grow the business in these markets.

To discuss, please send a brief email to Andrew outlining your relevant experience and how this opportunity might fit within your business interests. We will follow-up with a fuller description of the desired business arrangement. andrew@hewatstrategic.com