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Business leaders, faced with the realities of an increasingly competitive global marketplace, are constantly challenged to take decisive actions that will produce sustained and profitable customer value.

The work in companies today is technically complex. Therefore, the last thing you need is additional complexity in the planning aspects of your business. What’s required are simple but powerful tools to enhance your drive for success, be it companywide, divisional, or at the departmental level.

Hewat Strategic Edge offers two specific facilitated programs that enable leaders to work with their teams on the most critical challenges facing the business.

To build a multi-year roadmap of your organization’s future success, we recommend our Strategic Framework Program. With a few days of effort, you will have the mechanism to drive the ongoing performance of the organization.

To undertake a rigorous examination of your business model, we recommend our Strategic Business Review. During a two-day deep dive, you will generate new insights, establish clarity and create new focus on the issues that are paramount to your success.

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Strategic Framework Program

Our Strategic Framework Program enables you to set the strategic direction for the organization.


Strategic Business Review

Our Strategic Business Review provides an opportunity to undertake a rigorous examination of the business.


Our Facilitated Strategic Framework Program

Our Strategic Framework Program will enable you to set the strategic direction that will lead to your success. It will enable everybody in your organization to be “singing from the same song sheet” and get people focused on results—the right results.

The Strategic Framework combines the utility of a balanced scorecard approach, with the power of a vision as a touchstone for decision-making. It facilitates the articulation of outcomes and the identification of required improvements. In short, it demonstrates leadership.

    Our Strategic Framework has six key components:

  1. Vision Statement A brief description of your organization of the future
  2. Pillars of Success The foundation of your organization’s success
  3. Strategic Intent Clarifies the meaning of each pillar of Success
  4. Multi-year Objectives Targets for each Pillar of Success
  5. Measures - Indicators of achievement- Your dashboard
  6. Key Initiatives Projects or programs that will drive the achievement of the Strategic Objectives

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The creation of a dynamic Strategic Framework is facilitated over a couple of days, with benefits lasting for years.

Paul Frederick Thomas Cook

“To get an organization truly aligned and focused on achieving results, Hewat Strategic Edge’s Framework is a powerful and proven process.”

Paul Frederick, Former EVP, Thomas Cook Financial Services (Global)

Our Strategic Business Review

Our Strategic Business Review will bring your team together for a rigorous examination of the business. Using a range of models and expert facilitation, the team will do a challenging, but beneficial deep dive into the critical issues affecting your business.

The purpose will be to create a shared and detailed understanding about where we are today, and an identification of the critical issues. At the end of the session we will have clarity on priorities. We will have a priority-based action plan. Whether you are focused on cost containment, growth or both, when implemented it will strengthen your business model and therefore your business results.

In the six-step process, we will:

  1. Examine the engine of growth - the value we bring to customers
  2. Consider the relationships our customers expect and the channels they can be reached
  3. Assess our revenue streams and their contribution to total revenue
  4. Identify the Key Activities, Key Resources and Key Partners that are necessary to have an effective business model
  5. Assess our cost structure and the implications for profitability
  6. Build a Priority-Based Action Plan for selected aspects of the business.

Consider bringing your team together for a Strategic Business Review. It will create clarity about the right issues to address. It will get the leadership team aligned around the right priorities. It will generate new insights and a plan of action to improve the viability of the business.

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The Strategic Business Review will take a couple of days,but will lead to improvements in the months and years to come.

Paul Frederick Thomas Cook

"We have worked with Hewat on numerous occasions and each time his experience and facilitation skills have allowed us to achieve our objectives, which have translated into improved business results."

Jacques A. Seguin, President, The Garland Group

Two Powerful Resources for Business Leaders:

The Strategic Framework Program. "Create a roadmap to success".
The Strategic Business Review "Generate Insights, Establish Clarity & Create Focus"